Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reeflux Metal Halide Bulbs

Reeflux lamps have been a popular bulb over the past few years. Most users find the Reeflux bulb to be a good fit for their lighting and viewing needs and many of Reef Central's TOTM use them as their bulb of choice. I for one have been using Reeflux 12ks for years with anything but positive results in both color and growth. A few things to note about the lamp is that they must be positioned with the nipple facing upward to get the correct color of the lamp. It is also recommended to be fired by an electronic ballast such as the one made by Coral Vue and some have reported that Ice cap ballast also work well. However it is NOT recommended to use HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or HQI magnetic ballast as they will damage the SE Reeflux metal halide lamps.

Early this year I decided to do testing of the three available 250w Reeflux lamps with par readings. What I found was the NEW Reeflux 20k was not only brighter and slightly bluer than the 12k but it also produced more par.

Here are the results of the Reeflux lamp fired exactly at 250w draw. Other ballasts may very on wattage draw. I just tried to keep the results for testing purposes as controlled as possible. These test were done on my personal aquarium with CoralVue dimmable electronic ballast and Lumen Bright mini reflectors. The tank is a standard AGA 180 with a depth of 24". No ozone or carbon has been used for 3 weeks or more, only a 100 micron filter sock (on one drain) and the skimmer. Test was done with one light, so no crossover light can alter the numbers.

Numbers may very slightly on other setups due to reflector, ballast and water quality.

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