Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reeflo 200 Pro * * *BLOWOUT SALE* * *

We are Blowing out thee Reeflo 200 Pro skimmers at an
unreal price. You looking at getting the stock Reeflo 200
skimmer, the upgraded Dart Gold (Baldor motor), RS
Upgrade pinwheel and Pro collection cup for the unreal
price of $699 plus shipping and handling. The offer is only
available for a limited time offer while supplies last.

Reeflo 200 Pro Skimmer----> Get yours Today!

We also recommend an Auto-Shut off waste collector for all our external skimmers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New ATB Econo 840 Version 1.5

ATB has stepped it up once again with their latest version of the already popular Econo Skimmer. This time around they made some cosmetic along with some fundamental improvements. The Econo skimmers (840 and 1050) will now come with seamless molded cone bodies, highly polished edges, skimmate drain valve, removable base plate, option of the large or small pinwheel all this for an unbeatable price.

Reserve your Econo v 1.5 today!

Note: ATB Econos stock color is red. White Econos will be available upon special request.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEW 2009 Octo Extreme Skimmers

New body for the 2009 Octopus Extremes just came in. The extended cone transition should increase the performance of an already great skimmer.

Here is the first look of what to expect.

All Octopus Extreme 160s, 200s and 250s will now come with the new bodies.

Get your new 2009 Octopus Extreme skimmer TODAY!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

***Coming Soon - LumenBright/T5/LED Moonlight Fixture***

Well many requests will now have an answer available this year. Coral Vue is unleashing a lighting fixture that has dual LB mini pendants, 4 HO T5s and moonlights. The fixtures will come with separate power cords for the halides T5s and LEDs. The fixture will house the T5 ballast but the MH ballast will be sold separately from the fixture so that users can use their ballast of choice. You can gain access to the fixture to change bulb positioning with in the LB reflector and any servicing that may be required to the fixtures components. Note the T5s are mounted at angles to direct the light within the aquarium due to the suggest hanging heights of Lumen Bright reflectors.

The fixtures are in the final stages of development but are not the final product.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neptune Systems Apex AquaController

Finally, a new controller from Neptune Systems. The Apex aquaController which seems to appear a lot like Digital Aquatic's Reef Keeper Elite. It will offer more features and control than their popular AC III pro model. Some possible key features will be a embedded web server functionality, control up to 240 modules, handle tons of probes, web browser monitoring-control-configuration, email alarms, attractive color graphs that you can mouse over and see pinpoint reports, customizable icons and graphics, sunrise/sunset simulation, supports the regular Neptune programming language, but also include a new web wizard interface (lets you easily program the controller without learning the language if you so choose), built in variable speed pump control, moon cycle simulation, and ease of expansion to name a few.

Pre-orders should start in May with a starting retail being around $500.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Now taking pre-orders on Hurricone CAT 3 skimmers

We are now taking Pre-orders on the Hurricone CAT 3 protein skimmers, limited quantities are available. We are expecting to have them in at the end of April.

Body: 12"
Height: 35"
Foot print: 24" x 20.5"
Neck: 5"
Powered by dart gold pump with Reef Specialty's PRO Needlewheel

Introductory Price is $1,499.00 and of course with FREE SHIPPING

Click Here to reserve yours today!

Now stocking Radium MH bulbs

By popular demand we are now stocking Radium 20k MH lamps for those that want the crisp white look with a strong blue tint. Offered in SE 250w and 400w.

Free shipping on Radium Metal Halide Lamps